Dr. Saeed Shalbafan

Saeed is an industry leader, professional project manager, and academic researcher, with over 22 years of experience across multi-disciplinary engineering and public infrastructure projects covering transnational projects with countries such as Iran, Australia, Canada, Italy and France.

He has over 12 years of experience as an executive industrial engineer, with hands on experience on full life cycle project management of production lines (EPCM) and commercial buildings, production facilities and relevant infrastructure. He has achieved several awards for innovative and customer centric approach to design and implementation of projects beyond international standards.

In recent 10 years, Saeed provided sound advice to Australian public and private sectors in versatile industries such as heavy rail, water, power, and commercial centres. He has hands-on experience with planning, strategic and portfolio analysis of developing mega projects throughout their life cycles, inception to procurement.

Saeed has taken several leadership initiatives including executive role in Engineers Australia, doctrine of agile planning and controls, utilisation of smart frameworks for better executive decision making in multiple projects organisations. He has successfully led project development activities including planning, delivery and procurement strategy/ workstreams analysis, controls, constructability, governance and decision making frameworks for over $ 20 B portfolio of driverless metro projects namely Sydney Metro Northwest, City and Southwest and Western Sydney Airport Rail link.