Dr. Saeed Shalbafan

Saeed is a respected industry leader, professional project manager, and academic researcher with over 22 years of experience across multiple industry engineering and public infrastructure projects.

Saeed has successfully led project development activities including planning, delivery and procurement strategy/workstreams analysis and governance and decision-making frameworks for over $50b portfolio of driverless Metro Projects namely Metro Northwest, Central Precinct, City and Southwest, Greater West and Metro West.

His strong background in integrated planning, management of uncertainty and resource (process, technology, knowledge and people) optimisation framework helped him to play a key leadership role in several mega infrastructure projects for government and private projects in Australia and overseas.

His legacy work Metro Northwest is an example of a successful project development based on agile planning and controls approach. The project has completed under budget and ahead of time. He has also played a critical role in directing interfaces between state agency and federal government to establish a collaborative forum for program management of Greater Metro West.