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ACT Waste Feasibility Study

ACT Waste Feasibility Study

The ACT Government’s Waste Feasibility Study is investigating how best to reduce waste generation, maximise resource recovery, minimise littering and illegal dumping, and achieve a carbon-neutral waste sector in the Territory.

In order to inform the Waste Feasibility Study, the ACT Government undertook a market sounding, seeking innovative and sustainable proposals from both the waste and non-waste sectors on how best to achieve these targets. Ontoit was engaged by Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate to review the market sounding documentation to consider how participants would respond and provide advice on how to ensure the market sounding generated sufficient interest and elicited the information necessary to inform the Waste Feasibility Study. Ontoit subsequently reviewed and analysed the market sounding submissions and prepared a summary report of the findings which included, amongst other things, a summary of common themes that were raised by participants.

Client Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate

Services Bid management, commercial advisory

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Image courtesy of  ACT Government | Transport Canberra and City Services